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Dali "tower" lit the fair

Date: 2013-10-23

As an international tourist destination Dali's famous attractions, the beautiful image of the footprints of marble temple tower, has become the domestic and overseas tourists recognized Dali tourism logo. Reporter recently learned from Dali prefecture tourism development management committee, in order to show the industry at home and abroad and tourists the beauty of Dali, Dali prefecture will organize 15 units, more than 90 entrants for the 2013 China international travel mart, and for the first time in the pavilion building landmark tower model, such as bai zhaobi, waterscape, butterfly characteristic elements, all exhibit Dali landscape artistic conception, culture connotation, folk customs, all-round recommended Dali tourism products.
Six scenic highlight Dali amorous feelings
Learned, preparatory work since two months ago, to fully highlight Dali national culture characteristic, the pavilion as a tourism image display, communication, trading platform, Dali prefecture tourism development management committee first through to the way of collecting the whole society, through layers of screening, the final evaluation of new ideas of design, national outstanding features of the booth, in terms of promotional content, Dali prefecture LvYouWei the six major scenic spots card, make full use of the building at the fair of the unique characteristics of the marble hall, around the "marble" affair, comfortable travel theme, main six scenic area, namely CangEr landscape leisure large scenic area, big struck binchuan xiangyun buddhist culture, Er source hot spring therapy on holiday big scenic spot, WeiShan cultural tourism scenic spot, nanzhao heqing silver city of big scenic spot, JianChuan cultural eco-tourism scenic spot, and closely with the demand of tourists, relying on the major features of the scenic area, comprehensive launch Dali boutique travel routes and new development of major tourism projects.
New ways to boost tourism promotion
Surrounding the introduction of the content, Dali prefecture LvYouWei Dali tourism conference held during the fair, adopt the method of PPT introduction, led by the Dali prefecture LvYouWei mainly from sightseeing in Dali, the leisure life in Dali, Dali, creativity in Dali, Dali and sports, etc., brother to travel agencies, media and tourism city and promote tourism in Dali.
Recommend Dali tourism, in order to more fully and effectively meet the increasing self-drive and free travel demand, 12 counties and cities in comprehensive collecting the state special tourism product introduction, highlight the six major scenic tourist routes and tourism elements, on the basis of Dali prefecture LvYouWei tailored to create an illustrated storybook for the fair, practical "Dali tourism strategy", at the same time each exhibitor according to their respective actual, ready for more than 30 publicity materials, optical disc, special tourism commodity, required for the fair propaganda.
In performing activities on public, Dali prefecture LvYouWei preparation, staffs will be performing in meeting Dali nine characteristics of song and dance, the traditional hemlock, also have a rehearsal in recent years, new programs, at the same time, Dali LanLinGe hotel is new purchases at 2013 China stone forest international car camping car assembly.
Around 2013, with emphasis on the overseas tourist market marketing center, the the fair, Dali prefecture LvYouWei also planning to the fair as an opportunity to invite more than 100 overseas buyers to Dali for a two-day visit, to foreign buyers recommend Dali tourism products targeted.