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Dali brand hotels to improve the quality of ecological tourism

Date: 2011-08-09

Recently, the Dali intends to introduce the internationalization idyllic brand hotel, designed to improve the quality of rural eco-tourism.
In recent years, the Dali bai autonomous committee of the state and Dali municipal party committee, municipal government is committed to the hercynian area into a "farming culture of the bearing area, one thousand galleries of civilization and bai traditional culture, sports leisure as the main content of tourist area", the rich historical and cultural resources and natural resources protection and development of scientific, comprehensive and complete. Adhere to the hercynian protection, rural landscape protection and erhai lake, cultivated land protection, organic combination of the new rural construction, the tourism industry development, has implemented a "three full astern", "hundreds of village renovation", "create a civilized health village" and a series of effective measures, make the hercynian bucolic got effective protection, rural tourism become a new bright spot of the tourism industry.
In rural tourism is at the same time, however, there have been some problems: a small number of villagers chaos to build houses, illegal LuanZhan lack of cultivated land, illegal illegal construction of bai local-style dwelling houses building style characteristic;
Rural tourism is in small, scattered, low level, small scale and low level, form a complete set of service facilities, causing the waste of resources; Some of the "rural" lack of planning, sewage pipe network, the lack of environmental protection facilities, living and travel sewage direct emissions, failed to timely and effective disposal, seriously affected the erhai lake protection and hercynian ecological natural environment; Rural tourism management chaos and disorderly competition, the legitimate rights and interests of tourists can not get effective guarantee.
Hercynian building many of the villages and towns to Dali beautiful natural scenery, long history culture, folk customs to the concentration of demonstration is also on the above the core area of Dali CangEr. Introduced in accordance with the Dali industry development planning and general land use planning and village planning construction of high-end hotels, is the realization of erhai lake, protect hercynian and to safeguard the local people's vital interests the needs of the organic unity. The Dali will always adhere to the protection of erhai lake, protecting the hercynian don't waver, unswervingly adhere to protect arable land, according to the "development in the protection, protection" in the development of ideas, scientific and reasonable introduction of coordinated with CangEr scenery of mangrove forest, Ann went, internationalization of idyllic brands such as Hilton, banyan tree hotel, drive, and the brand hotel construction and erhai lake protection and hercynian, combining the new rural construction, speed up the above, make tourist town, improve the tourism infrastructure and service level, to realize the transformation and upgrading of Dali tourism, to realize the protection and development of "win-win".