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Dali culture heritage protection association was established

Date: 2013-06-13

Eighth 8, China cultural heritage day. On the same day, "the Dali ancient city culture heritage protection association" formally founded in Dali. Evening news reporter Dali how to protect the problem for several long-term commitment to Dali historical culture protection experts and scholars to carry on the interview.
Bureau of Dali bai minority autonomous prefecture of cultural heritage, the Dali ancient city culture heritage protection association, Yang ZhengYe said, "Dali as issued by the state council of China's first batch of historical and cultural city, it is an ancient city with a long history, the ancient city of many cultures, vivid ancient city. It has a long history, in which has a history of more than 2000 years. Its cultural diversity, remains in it is a combination of Confucian culture, and cultural characteristics of bai, is a multi-ethnic, multi-religious fusion body."
Researcher at the institute of national culture Zhang Xilu Dali college professor, to protect the historical and cultural city, Dali's leadership, the government's efforts alone is not enough, still should have all the villages and towns, villages and towns, the joint efforts of every citizen, the villagers. He in the protection of the ancient city of beaten off, for example: led by retired cadres, mobilization, including folk artists, workers, farmers, the ancient city of all aspects of the whole society, the power of residents, jointly founded the ancient city of beaten off protection association, protection of cultural relics is up, Confucius has been repaired, effectively protect the ancient city of beaten off. "Through the different form, even in the old town to establish group of large and small museum, tie-dye can do, do embroidery, hat, and shoes, do clothes, buttons, tapping, rap art and so on, the display of traditional culture heritage, not stick to one pattern."