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Dali shimonoseki tuo tea, has long been renowned at home and abroad

Date: 2014-11-12

Yunnan tuo tea, created in yunnan Dali shimonoseki, so it is also where the tuo tea.Tuo tea is quite old in yunnan tea products, very early has been famous at home and abroad.
Shimonoseki tuo tea pu-erh tea are compressed tea, concave look like a small bowl, the thick wall convex seemingly buns, appearance is exquisite, the curve of exquisite.The evolution process of pu 'er tea of Ming dynasty and qing dynasty, the daughter of tea, in 1902 by the shimonoseki yongchang auspicious trade name successfully finalize the design, has been more than hundred years of history.
Tuo tea production has a long history, as early as the Ming dynasty (1368-1644) Xie Zhaozhi "yunnan slightly" have "and used by society, all tea also, steaming and group", means for pu 'er tea production.Qing dynasty RuanFu "puer tea" : "small tea and nursery is a daughter, daughter of tea for women in the fact that were taken, namely 4 twofold Chinese tea also."Qing Zhang Hong, the western yunnan, "also said:" tea treasures, is the number of maojian tea, flower tea, daughter. My daughter also like flower tea tea, are burned fuel, cargo silver makeup for product information, so the name."
Selection of shimonoseki tuo tea lincang, baoshan, simao, yunnan province, more than 30 counties produce of tea as raw material, at the beginning of the process through artificial kneading, machine number of compaction process, embellish of black of color show clear orange, pure fragrance, rinsing, taste mellow back to gan.Abroad, said beauty tea, longevity tea.In China, where the tuo tea and yunnan baiyao, clouds is known as the "triple gem" in yunnan.
The end of the qing dynasty, yunnan tea marketplace was gradually transferred to the transportation is convenient, the shimonoseki industry and business industry prosper.Shimonoseki yongchang auspicious, after spring and merchants to regiment bowl tuo tea, tea made by kunming to chongqing, sichuan province, xu fu (now yibin), chengdu and other places selling, so it is also called xu fu tea.
Dali is located in the western yunnan crossroads, tea ma gu and shu body poison road in this intersection, on trade channel constitutes the cross and bilateral business culture, making Dali zhongyuan, southeast Asia, South Asia, west Asia culture, also because of this, the Dali became the "standing on the Asian cultural crossroads of the ancient capital".Dali location advantage obviously, not only more unique climate conditions, it also made the world-famous shimonoseki tuo tea.