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Dali of of primitive simplicity and chic

Date: 2014-12-09

Dali, referred to as "elm leaves, also called the purple city.
Now the ancient city was built in Ming hongwu fifteen years (AD 1382), around 12, the wall two zhangs five feet, thick two zhangs, north and south, east and west Each set one door, in both towers, four corners and turrets.Liberation, the walls are broken down.
In 1982, rebuilt south side door, door head "Dali" two characters is a concentration of guo moruo calligraphy.By the gates into the city, south Beijing changfu promotes a pass-through northward, became a bustling streets, shops along the street on a par, selling ethnic handicrafts and jewelry, jade, such as marble, tie-dye, etc.Some old curtilage, the streets are also are still to be found, pond in the garden flowers and trees, birdsong, and outdoor streams flowing water channel.
"Three Wells, a door a few potted flower" scene still.The ancient city of east-west nation road, known as the "foreigner street".Here one by one between Chinese and western restaurants, cafes, tea houses and gift shops, trademark, advertising, multi-purpose, leaving the country writing blond "laowai", linger here naked, looking for ancient east, gradually into a unique scenery.
The city of Dali city road remains a board type grid structure since the Ming and qing, known as the nine street 18 lane.The north-south confrontation of the two towers have been restored.
The city from south to north, across a street, deep deep and remote street lane, from west to east, across the city to the polished tile roof, the wall of the cobble stones, showed the marble of of primitive simplicity, chic.