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Dali butterfly butterfly Spring Festival

Date: 2014-06-02

Butterfly spring, is located in Dali point features peak under the cloud.
The characteristics of the butterfly spring, there are "act" in summary: spring, butterflies, trees.Butterfly spring is square fountain pool.The water clear as a mirror.In spa pools of the northwest corner of the pool there was a vigorous night request of ancient tree, the branches swaying, shade cover, this is the butterfly tree, across the fountain, whenever the late spring and early summer flowering, ancient trees like butterfly, and send out a butterfly lure fresh scent, butterflies fly cluster at that time, and only "connect to hook foot", hanging from the branches to the stream surface, form the thousand of butterfly string, like a colorful ribbons.
ShaChen, a poet in qing dynasty, in the closing butterfly spring on the poem shout: "blurred butterfly tree thousands of butterflies, bit the tail as the tassel brushed Tian. Less than butterfly spring, who will believe, butterfly stately building shadow complications."
Two or three zhangs square, spa pools around marble vault with bar.Spring on the bottom, zhon mountain, snow, not only the water stability, water quality is also very good.Spring water beauty, yunfeng mountain herbs to send out vigor, spring tree sends out a fragrance, is attracting a large number of butterflies to the cause.Every year in March to may, the butterfly as big as a slap, small small as bees, string hanging on the coming from the mimosa tree spring colors.The lunar April fifteenth day by bai people as the butterfly., since ancient times, many scholars to the inspection tour, and wrote a number of important poetry.In Ming dynasty, the famous geographer xu xiake, once warm praise butterfly spring in the travel notes.Next to the butterfly spring "butterfly spring" stone memorial arch, Dali, guo moruo swim with ink.In recent years, after finishing and the expansion of the butterfly spring park, built with butterfly building, hexagonal pavilion, the big moon pool, butterfly herbarium, looking at the sea floor, xu xiake statue and so on.Not any time of the butterfly butterfly spring edge, in addition to April each year a few outer, other time is can't see the spectacle.