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Dali tourism real estate from the "look" to "idle"

Date: 2014-09-20

"Everyone can find belongs to own place in Dali."Long lived in the Max said the Frenchman.After the French math teacher came to Dali in 2009 completely in love with the sunshine and peace here.Max now in double gallery opened a western food stores, himself as a cook.In double gallery this town is located in the coast of the erhai lake, there are seventy percent of the shop owner is foreign visitors.
According to incomplete statistics, at present in Dali standing for more than a month of tourists is close to 50000 people."Max" is to gather more and more, once the "good" is replaced by "idle", Dali tourism from the traditional sightseeing tourism to sightseeing, leisure, vacation and other diversified tourism turned to have.
Dali is one of the tourism development in our province earlier region, unique scenery, landscape, culture, folk custom here already attracted a large number of tourists market, the prosperous "one-day tour of erhai lake" is one of the most sought after by the travel routes at the time.Pioneers, however, is also the first encountered confusion, Dali tourism to the moment to transformation.In recent years, the Dali bai minority autonomous prefecture and bold innovation as a whole the development and reform of system and mechanism, actively explore the "unified planning, unified management, unified, unified development" of intensive development model, building of accrual equivalence, streamlined travel management system and operational mechanism, internal and external and repairing, strive to promote tourism second startup.